We Invite You to
be our Partner!

There are so many ways to support your Library.  
ALL of them support not only the Library but your community.


We are grateful for financial donations of any size! Donate here

Amazon Smile or Igive

You could select Lodi Whittier Library as your charity when you make purchases through Amazon Smile or Igive.com.

Book/DVD Donations

We are grateful for your donations of Books and DVD's!  They make our mid-September Book Sale a wonderful community event every year!  We hope we have answered all your questions in the FAQ but if you have more, please let us know.

Donation FAQ


Please let us know if you're interested in volunteering at the Library in any capacity!

How can you help?  You could:

  • assist us in promoting our programs and services with fliers or via social media
  • recruit people who don't yet have library cards (I know - it's shocking but some don't!)
  • assist in our fundraising by organizing a drive
  • wear wolf ears and be a Literacy Advocate (yes, it's a thing!)
  • help us document our programs
  • get the dead bugs out of our lighting fixtures (We're not joking.  We really don't know how to get them out of there.)
  • join our amazing Lodi Landscaping Ladies & Lads (L4) when they make the gardens around the Library look beautiful
  • spread a cup of salt on your way in if the steps down from the sidewalk look slippery
  • suggest a class - or even teach one!
  • suggest a book or movie that you think would be of interest to others
  • many other ways that no one (including us) has even considered yet!

What way will you think of?!