Donation FAQ

Can I drop off my donations year-round?

We accept donations all year except for the month of September.  During September we are preparing for, and running, our Annual Book Sale.

How do I let you know I’m going to drop off?

Please call or email ahead to schedule a time for drop off so that we can help you bring them in.  607-582-6218 or

Is it OK to just place the materials on your porch?

Materials left outside are subject to damage.  Please plan on bringing the materials while we are open.  The book drop is intended only for returning cataloged materials.  

What will you accept?

We will accept the following items in good condition (clean, dry & mold free)

  • Books in any language
  • DVD’s
  • Commercially recorded CD’s, Music & audiobooks
  • Vinyl Records
  • Puzzles/Games
  • Sewing Patterns

Is there anything you won't accept?

We cannot accept anything that is dirty, smelly, damp, torn or moldy.

We are also not able to take:

  • VHS tapes, cassettes, 8-track tapes
  • Catalogs
  • Encyclopedias
  • Homemade DVD’s or CD’s
  • Reader’s Digest condensed books

What will happen to my books or materials after I drop them off?

Materials in good condition may be:

  1. Cataloged and placed on our Library shelves
  2. Saved for our Annual Book Sale in September
  3. Placed In the STEPS Community Book Box in front of the Lodi Post Office
  4. Sent to the Friends of the Tompkins County Public Library Book Sale in Ithaca or another local book sale.

How do I get a tax receipt?

We would be happy to give you a tax receipt.  Upon drop-off, please tell us how many hardcover books; paperback books; DVD’s or other materials you have.   A receipt will be printed on Lodi Library letterhead and mailed to you within a week of your drop off.