Lodi Literacy Hub

The Lodi Literacy Hub is a place where ALL readers, including those who are struggling, can find books and materials that meet them right where they are.

We understand that learning to read can be difficult.  

And, for those who are dyslexic or have other language-based learning disabilities, learning to read can feel like an insurmountable challenge.

We are proud to build a “gold standard” collection of:
decodable books;
parent/guardian resources;
Hi-Lo books and
books by or about dyslexics.

What is a Literacy Hub? A Literacy Hub is a joyful place where:

All readers, including those who struggle, can find a book that meets them right where they are.

All parents and guardians can find a partner in supporting their reader.
We are excited to be partnering with Teach My Kid to Read, a not-for-profit whose goal is “to help all children become skilled readers through systematic partnership with libraries that provide education about how we learn to read, and access to resources such as decodable books.”

The Lodi Literacy Hub Collection consists of 4 parts.

View each part separately at the links below or view the complete collection here.

Parent/Guardian Resources

Books, movies and lots more information on how we learn to read and how you can best help your child whether they are in school or are homeschooled.

Road to Decode Collection (Decodable Books)

Decodable books are books that children can "sound out" with the phonics skills they already know.  These books are fun and perfect practice for building success in all readers but especially in those who struggle.

Hi-Lo Book Collection

Hi-Lo (High interest -Low reading level) books are designed to engage older struggling readers with more mature content at a simpler reading level.

By or About Dyslexics

Explore the world of Dyslexics through stories written about or by them.  These resources range from picture books to adult biographies.

For more information on Dyslexia, visit the International Dyslexia Association.
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